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Rare Super Moon Welcomed Worldwide Huge Mega Beaver #Moon Luna Display Compilation


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Does 120 Mile High Water Vapour Plumes From Jupiter’s Moon Europa Mean There Is Life

NASA’S Hubble telescope has discovered what may be 3 separate 120-mile-high water vapour plumes coming from cracks in ice crusts above the 62-mile-deep oceans on Jupiter’s moon Europa. NASA held a Washington DC Teleconference about Hubble telescope searches in 2012 and 2014, on Monday, September, 21st, 2016. NASA had been looking closely for signs of an atmosphere on one of Jupiter’s largest moons Europa. Images sent back by Hubble in 2014 raised huge questions about life in our solar system after they appeared to show H20 eruptions way above the…

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Rare Red Sprites Generated By Hurricane Mathew Caught On Camera

Images of a stunning lightening storm above Hurricane Mathew which generated rare Red Sprites have been taken by Frankie Lucena on October 1, 2016, in Cabo Rojo, Puerto Rico. The weeks sky activity upscale had yet another twist Hurricane Mathew continued to gain momentum across the Caribbean and the southeastern USA with warnings 1000’s of people should be alert as the storm system approaches the mainland. Seeing sprites above a hurricane is rare. Most hurricanes don’t even have regular lightning because the storms lack a key ingredient for electrical activity: vertical…

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Black Moon Rises But What did It Mean? | Lileth | Mars | God of War | End of days

Was Fridays ‘Dark Moon’ an astrological event to herald ‘End of Days’ and second coming of Jesus Christ? In just a week we have seen many rare sky events in the United Kingdom but it is not over yet with more to come as Friday’s rare Dark Moon otherwise known as a Black Moon or Lilith, went, the Northern Lights may be next. A black moon occurs when a month is missing a full or new moon. CBS Local stated the phenomenon can only occur in February, as the lunar…

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