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Podesta Pedophile Brothers In Portugal When Madeleine McCann Was Abducted [MIRROR]

Hello People Who Only Ever See Mainstream News This Is Hillary Clinton’s Election Campaign Manager

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BREAKING NEWS ALERT | Fukushima Hit By Another Tsunami After 7.4 Quake

Japan is currently under yet another Tsunami alert after earthquake has left Fukushima power plant with waves closing in fast on the area for the second time in 5 years Japan is facing a major crisis in news which has broke in the past hour. The eyes of the world are once again on Japan as memories of the march 2011 disaster which still has major environmental effects on the pacific ocean today. Huge panic can be heard on Japanese news stations as authorities communicate whilst observing waves approaching the…

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IDENTIFIED | Liverpool #UFO Sighting Causing Worldwide Mystery Solved By Gran

A UFO mystery in England which gained worldwide attention over the weekend has been emphatically solved less than 24 hours after two birthday balloons were mistaken for unidentified flying objects. The sighting in Liverpool, UK, which caused UFO speculation after a video was posted to YouTube by Enchanted LifePath TV and was picked up by local, national and world press, has been solved after a Liverpool grandmother debunked the debate on the Liverpool Echo Facebook page commenting they were in-fact party balloons released during her granddaughters birthday celebrations on Saturday afternoon.…

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The management at Enchanted LifePath tv would like to publicly state that we have no connection, either personal or commercial to the S*n Newspaper or any of its affiliate companies. We publicly denounce this organisation. Any subject matter appearing in the S*n newspaper or any of its affiliate publications which originated from Enchanted LifePath tv has been lifted or copied from other national or local newspapers or internet services. Enchanted life path tv have supplied no quotes, reported no facts, written no stories or approved the use of any Enchanted…

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HALEWOOD: Two UFO’s Spotted In Skies Of Liverpool (Footage)

AS SEEN IN (Click Images)           Two Unidentified flying objects have been recorded flying over Liverpool this afternoon by Enchanted LifePath Tv Alternative News & Media and uploaded to YouTube. Footage captured with a camera set to 168x zoom shows two objects flying parallel to each other in Halewood at around 16:00. An Enchanted LifePath TV Spokesman said: “I was looking out of the window and I could see an object, I thought it was a balloon but then I could see another one next to…

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British Teenage Cancer Victim Frozen After High Court Ruling A Week Before Her Death

A teenage girl who took a case to the high court be frozen after her death and won, has now been cryogenically frozen, to be brought back to life in hundreds of years. The 14 year old who can not be named wrote a letter to the judge which said:  “I don’t want to die but I know I am going to…I want to live longer…I want to have this chance.” “I’m dying, but I’m going to come back again in 200 years.” The girl had taken the case to High…

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