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Covid-19 Test Centre Liverpool – “Cash Incentives” Permanent Upgrade (Video)

A video from Mindfulness YouTube Channel shows the Anfield test centre in Liverpool being upgraded to a new, permanent, two-floor test and vaccination centre with cash incentives being offered to entice the public into this tyrannical operation. Mindfulness spoke about members of the public being offered £50 to be tested and potentially given medicine or vaccinations before being monitored monthly with a further £25 cash incentive for each visit. The false positives rate of the tests is guaranteed to increase with more testing, as does the chances of further lockdown…

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Alan Dershowitz Doll On Couch In BBC’s Prince Andrew Panorama?

Alan Dershowitz’ odd Doll seen in BBC Prince Andrew documentary? Alan Dershowitz, Jeffrey Epstein’s former lawyer appeared in BBC One documentary, Panorama – The Prince And The Epstein Scandal, and he was sat close to what can only be described as a life-size doll but what type of doll is it? You can see this in Dershowitz’s living room along with a host of cryptic and occult statues and ornaments as he denies rape allegations made against him by Prince Andrew’s accuser, Virginia Roberts. Dershowitz appeared in BBC Documentary, Panorama,…

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Benny Keyz: Fake Missing Kid Advocate “I Wanted To Gut Him Like A Fish”

Benny Keyz wanted to kill the father of missing Summer Wells when he visited their home. Benny Keyz: A Texas man who alleges to be a family advocate for missing children claimed that he wanted to murder the father of 6-year-old Tennessee girl, Summer Wells, who vanished from her home on June 15th, 2021. Benjamin Lindsey, 43, also known as Blood Money Benny Keyz, and Hittman Benny Keyz, made the shocking claim despite stating he is conducting victim advocacy work on behalf of the family. The violent remark came as…

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PROVING YOU HAVE ALL BEEN DECEIVED BY THE SUMMER WELLS REWARD MARATHON FUNDRAISERS January 11, 2022EnchantedLifePath PROVING YOU HAVE ALL BEEN DECEIVED BY THE SUMMER WELLS REWARD MARATHON FUNDRAISERS… LAW BREAKERS! This page shows videos from Critical Thinking Crime who takes an expert look into why the Summer Wells Reward Fund Marathon, held by YouTuber’s in October, was unlawful. The reward Fund Marathon was thrown into disrepute when the Tennessee Charitable Solicitations Dept confirmed that evidence sent to them by Enchanted LifePath had indeed proven “Criminal Activity” had taken place…

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Ghislaine Maxwell’s Houses Of Cards – Where Maxwell Lived Connections

Ghislaine Maxwell’s Houses Of Cards – Where Maxwell Lived Connections. What and who links to the places where guilty Ghislaine lived? #GhislaineMaxwell

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Summer Wells Hide-N-Plain-Sight-Go-Seek IMBD - Fable Feet - Michael Vaughan - Carl James Carmichael BREAKING NEWS 

Summer Wells IMDB Hide-N-Plain-Sight-Go-Seek Missing Kids Or Actors?

Summer Wells Listed As Actress On IMDB Summer Wells and Michael Vaughan are listed as cast members in Feet Fables and Treetoni, Hide-N-Plain-Sight-Go-Seek on IMDB. VIDEO VIA NEW YOUTUBE BACKUP CHANNEL PLEASE SUBSCRIBE Missing 5-year-old Tennessee girl, Summer Wells has been listed on the world-renowned movie database IMBD in a mysterious fanfiction that contains creepy missing kids profiles from the United States of America. Summer Wells is listed as an actress alongside Michael Vaughan, who is another missing kid also aged 5. Michael was reported missing in August and Summer…

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Summer Wells Reward Fund Scam Exposed As YT Rages At $32k Grab

Summer Wells Reward Fund Scam Exposed As YouTbube Explodes Summer Wells Reward Fund Scam Exposed by Enchanted LifePath as YouTuber’s rage at the deceptive network of unofficial Fundraisers days after Tennessee State Secretary Officers Confirm Enchanted LifePath concerns had exposed criminal activity. Outrage erupted on YouTube overnight as a group of unofficial Summer Wells Fundraisers were out to thousands of viewers who reacted to a sensational live stream from True Crime YouTuber Tiffanny Marie who allowed people who had been left feeling conned in a $32k scam where the host…

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Elizabeth Laundrie Automatic Specialty Juicers, SLC, UT, Bank of New York

Elizabeth Laundrie Automatic Specialty Juicers Elizabeth Laundrie and Brian Laundrie’s connections were found in Utah,11 miles from Salt Lake City Airport where Brian flew back to Florida from if we are to believe the latest reports about that journey but another question remains about Eliz Laundrie. Who is she? Brian Laundrie is said to have flown from SLC Airport to Florida on August 17. SLC Airport is 11 miles away from 3815 W Temple South Salt Lake, UT, 84115. This address is listed as the location of The Bank of New York,…

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Summer Moon Utah Wells Ritual Map: Ben Hill To Bermuda – The Serpent Ley Line Twin 33rd Parallel

Summer Moon Utah Wells Ritual Map: Ben Hill To Bermuda – The Serpent Ley Line Twin 33rd Parallel Summer Moon Utah Wells Ritual Map This started off by me hearing a psychic reading from Donna Seraphina on YouTube. Donna Seraphina – Carousel – Enchanted LifePath I then went to do some map work and made some connections that appeared to show what she was saying may have highlighted more areas of interest that she or I may have imagined would arise. This turned into my video Carousel and a follow-up…

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Beast Of Revelation Revealed In Covid-19 Date? 42 Months Sep 11, 2023

I just looked for what the bible says about Flu… I Scrolled down on the page and there was a couple of bible verses of note, these two were placed next to each other. Deuteronomy 28:22 ESV The Lord will strike you with wasting disease and with fever, inflammation, and fiery heat, and with drought and with blight and with mildew. They shall pursue you until you perish. Revelation 13:1-18 ESV And I saw a beast rising out of the sea, with ten horns and seven heads, with ten diadems…

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